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Jacob Fasig

Jacob Fasig



Around 2009 I realized that I was trying to kill myself with food. I remember the night, as I was driving home and it dawned on me… If I keep eating like I’m eating, I am going to die sooner than later. I became strangely aware that I was killing myself by my choices. I realized that I needed help. I decided to tell a few close friends that I had to change. I started with a personal trainer and that was a good experience… it was not a realistic one because I couldn’t keep paying for it… it was expensive! Then I set a goal that I wanted to do a triathlons. So, I had a friend who helped me get ready for it and I had a lady at church that said she would help me figure out food. I logged my food and turned it in the her and worked a plan to train for the Tri. Throughout my training, family support, and friend support… my life really changed. I ended up dropping over 100lbs and was able to do my first Tri. What a great experieicne.In 2010 all of my success began to fall apart. I ended 2010 without a job, gaining weight, burned out completely, hating the church, and feeling like a failure at home. Things can change in the blink of an eye. We all know that story, don’t we.


Over the next few years, I found healing…  it was a slow process. Although this blog picks up on January 1, 2017, I will be talking about those missing years. As for now… you are pretty much caught up.


To answer the question that everybody wants to know, but doesn’t know how to ask… my top weight that I ever saw on a scale was 415lbs. I was heavier than this at points but never had access to a scale that went high enough to know. Let the new journey begin…

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